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How our technology helps you succeed

Discover why companies all over the world are using our machine learning technology to optimize their Google Ads campaigns.


Create superhuman ad campaigns

If you had access to technology that helped you to target the most relevant keywords for your business in a flash, why wouldn’t you use it? Our Artificial Intelligence will deliver you supercharged search campaigns at the same time as automating the manual workload that drastically drains your team's time.


Save time and money

While our AI is doing its keyword magic, you can better allocate your time and resources to projects that demand them. Let us take care of the admin, so that you have more time and money to develop strategies for improving your business.


Stay ahead of competitors

The world of Google Ads is complex and fast-moving, especially if your product is in a crowded market. With OrbitalAds, you will reach relevant keywords faster without worrying if your competitors beat you there. Be confident that you have an advantage in your industry by consistently reaching business opportunities first.
A platform you can trust

Certified Google Premier Partner

Having been recognized by Google as the leading keyword management and optimization tool for Google search, we are distinguished as Premier Google Partners.

Our algorithms effectively optimize your Google Ads search campaigns

Detecting the most valuable keywords for your campaigns out of thousands of Search Terms, our platform enables you to increase your KPIs related to conversion and minimizes costs.
Discover valuable new keywords

Discover valuable new keywords

Maximize your business opportunities by making your ads smart. By automatically triggering and displaying your ads based on new searches in the market, you’re always targeting the best keywords for your business without any of the effort.
Improve keyword Location

Improve keyword Location

Save endless time spent on manually analyzing keyword relevance. Our technology considers a range of metrics such as Quality Score and semantic affinity, assessing the detail so you have more time to focus on strategic work.
Optimize DSA campaigns

Optimize DSA campaigns

Take the guesswork out of your dynamic campaigns (DSA) by detecting the exact search term keywords triggering your DSA ads to use in the most relevant ad group within your non-DSA campaigns. With this feature you can take back control of your search campaigns, while enjoying an edge over your competitors.


Our Negativizer feature helps you target long-tail keywords by adding relevant cross negatives. This reinforces traffic going to longer-tail exact match keywords, making your ad the best match out there.
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Be the best and save yourself time? Yep, it’s possible.

With OrbitalAds, you won’t just have the most optimized Google Search ads possible, you’ll also save your team valuable time and effort in the process. Discover for yourself how you can target the most relevant keywords, while saving yourself time. Request Demo
Be the best and save yourself time? Yep, it’s possible.
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