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Be ahead of competition with OrbitalAds’ state-of-the-art automation technology based on AI, and Natural Language Processing.

Get laser-targeted analysis granularity

Macro-level analysis is easy to perform for Search campaigns. The problem comes when you want to get granular on your analysis to see the real roots of underperforming ads: There’s no human time to do it for thousands of keywords! That’s when automation comes in!

Reactivate stagnated account KPIs

It is common to hear from big, mature accounts that acquisition efforts through Search campaigns have topped, and cannot be grown further. However, as those accounts are complex and comprise thousands or millions of keywords, only with automations you can get granular and uncover new ways to still optimize and grow them.

Make constant
keywords updates easy

More than 5 billion searches a day are performed in Google, and more than 15% of those searches are brand new queries… That makes many millions of new ways to search for products every day! How does it come you are not yet constantly checking and updating your keywords to leverage these free competition queries before they get detected by your competitors?

Put manual tasks on autopilot

Search campaigns operations done the right way are intensive in time, and people as they still require many manual tasks to be performed. Whenever you are growing your accounts, you need to grow your resources accordingly, which is costly. Why not using automation to scale your Search campaigns operations seamlessly as your business grows?

Forget about human errors

When analyzing the performance of hundreds, or thousands, of ads or keywords, it is easy to get fatigue and let slip a line or a repeated action. Humans are great at thinking, and being creative, and automation tools are great at perfectly automating actions for us. Leverage the power of automation on your Search campaigns analysis and optimizations.

Forget about complex scripts

Large, complex accounts optimizations usually entail also the implementation of complex scripts that require technical knowledge. That’s not the case anymore! With OrbitalAds automations complex scripts are substituted by just a few clicks to set up optimization rules that run for you on autopilot.

Improvement Ranges

(*in a 3 to 6 month period)

5% to 19% ↓CPC

Improvement on CPC

20% to 35% ↑QS

Improvement on Quality Score

10% to 25% ↑Impression

Share improvement

5% to 10% ↑CTR

Improvement on Click Through Rate

5% to 15% ↑ROAS

Improvement on ROAS

5% to 15% ↓CPA

Improvement on CPA

Work across ad networks

Organization at scale on your digital ads campaigns
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Take the countdown to
campaign optimization
with us

What our clients say

“The continuous evolution of OrbitalAds keyword management solution has consistently added value to our PPC campaigns success” -

Director of Digital Strategy, Banking

“OrbitalAds is an example of an innovative solution that enables you to achieve exceptional results in your online PPC campaigns.”

VP of New Business Smart Mobility

“OrbitalAds provides a cost-effective Keyword Automation SaaS that optimizes our keyword strategy. It has helped us improve visibility and increase sales through our search ad campaigns.”

Performance Marketing Manager, Consultancy

“I always trust my team, and my team loves OrbitalAds, so I love OrbitalAds.”

Head of International SEM, Ticketing

“OrbitalAds fits our search ads business model perfectly and always keeps up with the pace of this constantly changing digital marketing world. We’ve been able to increase our reach in different target markets and, at the same time, grow our business in a sustainable way.”

VP of New Business Smart Mobility

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