How to set up the ultimate Google Ads account
Magali Kajingu Enciso

How to set up the ultimate Google Ads account

If you work as a SEM Manager in an agency, whether you’re managing your first client or your thousandth one, adding a new account or campaign to your busy to-do list is something you can’t avoid…

The fact is that you probably need to manage a considerable amount of tasks to ensure your clients’ campaigns are running in the most efficient and cost-effective way. From keyword research, ad formats, keyword matching to bidding strategies and the analysis of expected metrics vs. obtained results, the factors you need to take into account are practically infinite. Do you sometimes get overwhelmed by the mere thought of having to set up a new account? We know the feeling! 

We’ve compiled all the different key steps to go through in an easy guide for you to follow when setting up a new account. You can turn to it anytime you need to refresh your knowledge on best practices or to sit down to quickly set up a Google Ads account without missing any key milestone! Here’s a snapshot of what you can find in it.

Investigate & optimize your keywords

You probably weren't expecting us to start with this… But we wanted to put the emphasis on a point that is too often overlooked or unnoticed. Did you know that SEMrush revealed having increased their click rate by 30% by changing only one letter in all their UK Google Ads campaigns? A single keyword (or letter!) can make all the difference for your campaigns! That’s why you can’t afford neglecting keyword management tasks and processes. 

In this guide to streamline your clients’ account set-up, we’re giving you tips on how to curate the ultimate keyword list, information about tools that could help you with that task but also examples of campaigns that have found success through keyword optimization.

Automate and optimize keyword matching & bid type

While defining correctly your keywords is crucial, it is certainly not enough. A good campaign requires close follow-up and constant monitoring. A configuration that you initially chose might be showing poor results, requiring change and adaptation. To build the ideal campaign, you probably will have to test different options of keyword matching types and bidding strategies.  

We go a little bit deeper into that topic, giving you an overview of the different matching types and bidding strategies you could use but also some guidelines on how to implement them. Don’t miss out on the juicy tips, get the guide here.

Work on improving your Quality Score

We’ve already talked about the key role that Quality Score plays in Google Ads campaigns. No wonder it is one of the elements you can’t miss while going through the process of setting-up or optimizing an account. It is essential to work on each and every aspect influencing your Quality Score, and that’s exactly what we are going to go over in this guide. 

Keep an eye on changing trends

When thinking about setting up a Google Ads account and running successful campaigns, you probably think of objectives to reach, choosing the right network, automating different configurations… Have you stopped to think about how your peers do it? Or what industry experts recommend? As futile as it may sound, trends are actually crucial, and not exactly to sound interesting at the next office dinner…. You’ll find out why soon enough when reading the guide we've prepared for you!

These are only some of the topics we dove into but we have much more information! From establishing campaign goals, considering account structure and understanding key metrics, to audience targeting, networks and ad formats selection… We’re helping you set up the ultimate Google Ads account that will lead you to fruitful campaigns but mostly, to amazed and satisfied clients!

Streamlining your clients account set-up


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