Hagakure method from A to Z
Magali Kajingu Enciso

Hagakure method from A to Z

We're putting the spotlight on one of Google Ads latest stars: Hagakure method...

1. What is Hagakure method in Google Ads?

It seems like that’s all we can hear SEM managers talk about lately… Since Google Ads has launched this new structure type and has even started promoting it as one of the most effective, everyone in the search ad world has said or at least heard something about it. Feeling kind of lost in all this Hagakure madness? We’re diving right into the topic to get a deep understanding of this new structure playing an increasingly crucial role in Google Ads approach. If you’ve been reading our content, you already know we always like to start with the basics. So here it goes, we’re kicking off this series by answering the simplest and yet most crucial question: What is Hagakure method

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2. Why is campaign structure so important in Google Search Ads?

Now that we’ve set the base and calmed our urge to know what Hagakure is in the first place, let’s take a step back to get a general overview of structures as a whole. If you want your Google Ads campaign to be successful, your account structure should be at the core of your concerns. Let’s go over the details of the many benefits a well-structured account can bring. 

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3. Is Hagakure method really the best campaign structure in Google Ads?

So, Hagakure seems to be the ultimate account structure to reach levels of success never seen before. But is it even adapted to your business particularly? Every company, every project and every campaign pursues different objectives and evolves in different contexts. It would simply be a non-sense to pretend one single method applies to every Google Ads campaign, regardless of any considerations. Go through our easy-to-read infographic to find out if Hagakure could be a good match for you!

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4. Moving to Hagakure account structure in Google Ads: pros and cons

Are you considering moving to Hagakure account structure but not sure yet if it would be a winning move or the start of the fall? As we said before, every business and every campaign is different. As interesting and effective as Hagakure method can be, we won’t deny it has some downsides too. We want to help you take every key element into consideration before taking such a crucial decision as changing all your account structure. We’ve compiled in a thorough table the biggest perks and drawbacks of Hagakure for you to make an informed decision.

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5. How can I move to Hagakure structure in Google Ads? - Step by step guide

Great! If you’re down here it probably means that in the end you’ve decided to move forward with the change of structure. All ready to implement Hagakure method in your Google Ads account? Roll up your sleeves and let’s get started! Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you all along the process and ensure your account is correctly set up to deliver stunning results.

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6. Campaign and keywords optimization with Hagakure structure in Google Ads

Structuring your account is only one of the many elements helping your campaigns reach their objective. And as you know, no matter how well-structured your account is, you still need to continuously work on optimizing your campaigns and especially your keywords to perfect the whole machinery that search advertising is. Whether you’ve just moved to Hagakure to structure your account or you were already mastering this method, taking the time to reassess your campaign and keyword optimization strategy, in the context of Hagakure, is essential. 

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