Adopt an account structure that supports your revenue goals

Whether it is SKAG, Hagakure, or another account structure, make sure you’re using the one that best fits your goals and need for control over details and keywords.


Use automations to choose which keywords to bid heavier on

AI based automations identify for you the best keywords to boost with higher bids, and which keywords to pause, with more granularity and control than by bulk-filtering them in spreadsheets.


Use tests to fail small, and to scale what works for your Google Ads

Testing ads in your campaigns enables you to only spend your budget on the best performing ads, and keyword choices. Leverage automations to streamline ads testing operations.


Leverage tools that augment your existing resources

Using tools that automate PPC Ads operations, saving you time and human power, boosts your productivity as if you were scaling the hands you count with.


Master the
use of negative keywords in all campaign types

Add cross-negative keywords to your ads to avoid auto-bidding, negativize words diminishing quality traffic, and use negativizaton to achieve highly relevant ads triggering.


Simplify your
Ads Operations
tech stack

There is one tool, OrbitalAds, that empowers PPC campaign managers to forget about complex scripts, human errors, tedious manual tasks, and time-consuming operations. Feeling ike exploring it?


Keep active only
the highest performing keywords

Keeping your campaings healthy entails not only to avoid wasting bids on low relevancy keywords, but also to maintain only the best performing ones. Leverage automations to keep your account healthy.


iterate and improve your campaigns and keyword selection

Continuously iterate and improve your campaigns and keyword selection

2… 1… GO!

AI, NLP based technology to have it
all on PPC campaigns operations

Get expert advice and support from our team of PPC experts

Customized goals
and strategy
Data-driven optimization of PPC campaigns
ROI focused campaign optimizations
Continuous campaign management
Assigned campaign manager

Book a call with one of our experts on PPC operations automation

Just pick the date that best suits you from the calendar, and we’ll be happy to talk to you to understand your case, and share how we can help improve your campaigns metrics with our automation technology.

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