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OrbitalAds, SEM, Advanced

How to analyze and reach different user search intent queries

OrbitalAds - January 14, 2022
The main goal of Google is to provide relevant and helpful search results for all users. Proxies like keywords and backlinks increase the probability of a web page satisfying the user intent. The...
SEM, Best practices

How to optimize Google Shopping Ads. PLA Campaigns

OrbitalAds - January 5, 2022
A successful shopping campaign goes beyond just collecting relevant and accurate data. Frequent monitoring and checking of the campaigns are important to ensure optimal performance.
OrbitalAds, PPC Tools, SEM

What Can You Automate With Google Ads Rules?

OrbitalAds - December 28, 2021
The global pandemic has changed the way we do business on a large scale and has greatly contributed to the growth of digital marketing. That's not to say that digital marketing wasn't already in...

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