Your ad campaigns at their optimum level

OrbitalAds automated platform provides you with cutting-edge technology specially designed to help you fine-tune your keyword selection and turn your paid campaigns into their best performing version.

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AI-powered solution to build the most optimized search ad possible

Building the most efficient and powerful paid media ad requires a periodic adjustment of many different parameters and metrics. This could with no doubt result in a considerable amount of criteria to sort, analyze and rectify, most of the time manually. 

OrbitalAds platform offers a wide range of features and activities that automate the whole keyword management approach, helping you design ad campaigns that are fully optimized.

You can now be sure that your keyword list is finely elaborated and perfectly matches your campaign needs at any time. That’s right! This solution allows you to take into account the full context of your paid campaigns, thoroughly analyzing different sets of data and hundreds of metrics for each keyword, so that any action undertaken is fully optimized.

Get the most out of your ads and save valuable hours.

All at the same time.


Discover valuable new keywords

Automatically uncover new keywords searched by users without doing any of the analysis yourself.


Improve keyword location

Deal with other matters while our solution detects the most relevant ad groups for your existing keywords.


Optimize DSA campaigns

Avoid missing out on any available business by detecting the exact search terms triggering your DSA ads.


Neutralize keywords

Upgrade your ads relevancy by taking cross-negative keywords and duplicates into account.


Sit back and relax.

We’re taking care of your keywords.

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