Our technology optimizes Google Search campaigns

Our technology optimizes Google Search campaigns by automating manual processes. Saving your team time, effort and manpower.

Google Search campaigns
Set your business goals and requirements
Our technology

Set your business goals and requirements

Take care of your campaigns in a personalized way by applying relevant requirements to the groups that you create. You will be able to take into account content strategy, KPI strategy, seasonality, and more.

Bring together related Ad Groups and apply shared settings

By establishing groupings of Ad Groups in your account, you will be able to implement relevant shared settings to save you infinite time in repetitive work.

Set rules to achieve specific and accurate objectives

Set objectives that help you filter through the aggregation of keywords to target only those that fulfill your set requirements, thus bringing the highest value to your campaigns.

Design content strategies for your campaigns

Use all of the information provided in our platform to better understand your campaigns, allowing you to specify which terms are important to your product and which ones are not.

Our algorithms effectively optimize your Google Ads search campaigns

Detecting the most valuable keywords for your campaigns out of thousands of Search Terms, our platform enables you to increase your KPIs related to conversion and minimizes costs.

Discover valuable new keywords

OrbitalAds’s Search Term Analyzer (STA) discovers brand new, valuable keywords for your Google Search campaigns using data from thousands of Google searches.

Maximize your business opportunities by automatically uncovering keywords that users are searching without doing any of the analysis yourself. The OrbitalAds Search Term Analyzer enables your ads to be triggered and displayed based on users’ real searches, including completely new terms in the market. In other words, we make your campaigns and the keywords that you target more exact so that your ads can do their job better.

Improve keyword location

Our Smart Locator detects the most relevant ad group for your existing keywords in order to optimize ad relevance, helping improving your Quality Score and increasing CTR. Focusing on factors such as ad relevance helps to identify areas that need updates or improvements.

More time. While our platform automates your boring, manual tasks, you simply have more time to do your real work. To analyze keyword relevance, you normally have to hover over a keyword’s metrics to manually check them one-by-one. With 200,000 keywords and an average of 30 seconds for each, we’re talking close to 100,000 minutes for this one simple task (or a full 69.4 days of your working life).

Optimize DSA campaigns

Our DSA Locator takes the guesswork out of your Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) by detecting the exact search term keywords triggering your DSA ads to use in the most relevant ad group within your non-DSA campaigns. As Google helps you build dynamic campaigns based on your website content and not individual keywords, there’s a potential for missing out on relevant keywords. With the DSA Locator, you can improve your keyword relevancy or QS, ensuring that you’re not missing out on any available business.

With this kind of power, you will obtain control over your search campaigns, while enjoying an edge over your competitors. Instead of leaving the success of your DSA campaigns to chance, you’re also turning them into another opportunity to discover interesting keywords and bring in more business.


When humans make a search on Google, we do it in complete sentences. With the OrbitalAds Negativizer, your ad campaigns will take this into account, helping you to target long-tail keywords and ensure that you’re always reaching the most precise option. By adding cross-negative keywords, we are able to reinforce traffic going to longer-tail exact match keywords, making your ad the best fit out there.

Duplicate keywords can also have a negative effect on the health of your Google Search campaigns. Our Keyword Inflation Avoider helps you steer clear of bidding on the same search term by finding duplicate keywords and adding them to a blacklist.
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Be the best and save yourself time? Yep, it’s possible.

With OrbitalAds, you won’t just have the most optimized Google Search ads possible, you’ll also save your team valuable time and effort in the process. Discover for yourself how you can target the most relevant keywords, while saving yourself time. Request Demo
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