Find new traffic acquisition opportunities with AI & NLP

Harness thousands of data points in campaigns and DSA using AI to detect new keywords.

Optimize traffic quality to improve CPA and ROAS

Keyword distribution, cross negativization, and low search volume cleaning done in one click.

Granular analysis of thousands of keywords in seconds

Simplified and centralized keyword management & analysis from one platform.

Get your Quality Score evolution over time

See in a dashboard how Quality Score evolves over time both at campaign, and keyword level.

Identify and eliminate duplicate origins with a click

Boost the duplicate search term with the highest performance while setting the ones with lower performance as negative keywords.

Our tool in action

Step 1

Use the OrbitalAds activities to automatically identify new keywords from various search engines, to negativize undesired keywords, and to boost the performance of your champions.

Step 2
Step 2

Launch any of these optimizations in seconds with a few clicks. Forget forever about complex scripts!

Step 3
Step 3

Then, review key performance indicators such as your Quality Score evolution over time, even getting to adgroup level data!

Automation to optimize and scale your PPC Marketing operations

A PPC program has many elements falling under 5 components – campaigns, ad groups, ads, keywords and landing pages. The efficiency of the program increases with optimization of the components. If even one component is sub-optimal then the program becomes inefficient resulting in wastage of money spent on the campaign.


Accounts with high keyword volume, seasonality, intensive in promotions, and showcasing different languages can be a pleasant experience.


Optimization is a continuous process and not a one-time action.


Keywords make or break a campaign. Poor key words should not find a place in the program.

This is keyword management done the right way. Never again miss an opportunity to improve your accounts performance! Leave it to technology. Leave it to OrbitalAds.

What our clients say

“The continuous evolution of OrbitalAds keyword management solution has consistently added value to our PPC campaigns success” -

Director of Digital Strategy, Banking

“OrbitalAds is an example of an innovative solution that enables you to achieve exceptional results in your online PPC campaigns.”

VP of New Business Smart Mobility

“OrbitalAds provides a cost-effective Keyword Automation SaaS that optimizes our keyword strategy. It has helped us improve visibility and increase sales through our search ad campaigns.”

Performance Marketing Manager, Consultancy

“I always trust my team, and my team loves OrbitalAds, so I love OrbitalAds.”

Head of International SEM, Ticketing

“OrbitalAds fits our search ads business model perfectly and always keeps up with the pace of this constantly changing digital marketing world. We’ve been able to increase our reach in different target markets and, at the same time, grow our business in a sustainable way.”

VP of New Business Smart Mobility

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