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Add automatically performing keywords

Search Term Scalability

  • Detect high buying intent keywords
  • Add them to the best fitting ad group
  • Be the first to detect search trends and bid for them
  • Cross negativization always in place

 Keyword Locator

  • Upload keyword lists
  • Do all the keyword allocation in seconds putting them in the most relevant ad group
  • Use lexical similarity as a condition

Avoid the waste of budget

Automatic Negativization

  • Negate bad performing search terms on a daily basis
  • Save costs and dedicate your budget to high buying intent search terms
  • Get back control at a granular level
  • Avoid toxic traffic

Automatic Keyword Pauser

  • Pause bad performing keywords
  • Delete cross negatives
  • Add back keywords when profitable
  • FIght seasonality with data-driven algorithms

Account cleaning and organization

Keyword Relocation

  • Restructure paid search accounts
  • Feed new campaigns with performing keywords 
  • Rescue data from paused campaigns

Low Search Volume Cleaning

  • Pause LSV Keywords
  • Remove cross negatives
  • Avoid loss of long tail traffic
  • Fight seasonality

Automated Cross-Negativization

  • For Match-type structures
  • Drive traffic to the correct ad group
  • Avoid duplicate traffic

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Quality score dashboard

We reverse-engineered the calculation of Quality Score and store the data to give to advertisers a historical view of Quality Score evolution.

Analyze in Account, campaign and ad group level what are the drivers of your Quality score and quickly spot where to focus.

HubSpot Video
HubSpot Video

Watcher: Duplicate traffic cleaner

Avoid double bidding (auto inflation) by detecting duplicate traffic at the search term level.

Spot keywords that are triggering the same search term in different ad groups and quickly negativize to significantly increase your ad relevance and improve CPC.

What our clients say

“After 3 weeks using the tool, I reckon saving up to 2 hours per day (25% of my time) thanks to the automatization and… performance has improved!”

SEM Manager, E-Learning

“OrbitalAds provides a cost-effective Keyword Automation SaaS that optimizes our keyword strategy. It has helped us improve visibility and increase sales through our search ad campaigns.”

Performance Marketing Manager, Consultancy

"With OrbitalAds, our CTR went from 1% to an average of 8% in just a few months. At the same time, our audience has been refined by 40% and our conversion has improved by 15%. On top of that, we always have a person who assists and advises us when we need it.”

SEM Manager, Luxury watches

“I always trust my team, and my team loves OrbitalAds, so I love OrbitalAds.”

Head of International SEM, Ticketing

“OrbitalAds is an example of an innovative solution that enables you to achieve exceptional results in your online PPC campaigns.”

VP of New Business Smart Mobility

“The continuous evolution of OrbitalAds keyword management solution has consistently added value to our PPC campaigns success”

Director of Digital Strategy, Banking

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