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Frequently Asked Questions

How can you automate high potential keyword discovery?

Our technology based on AI and Natural Language Processing processes millions of data points in seconds, saving hours of manual work. Enabling you to scale your PPC operations to be on top of new consumer search trends and product offerings.


Which are the benefits of doing keyword management?

From a centralized keyword management pltaform you can easily, with just a few clicks:

  1. Control for seasonality across campaigns.
  2. Manage campaigns in any language or region.
  3. Eliminate errors/conflicts between keywords and ad groups.

Is it possible to keep track of Quality Score evolution over time?

With our Quality Score dashboard, keep track of how your Quality Score evolves over time both at campaign and ad level, and get insights on how it affects your campaigns peformance.

Can I try OrbitalAds platform before commiting to any payment?

Sure! You have a free 30-days trial in which you can try all the platform features with no charge. And only once you are sure OrbitalAds is the right platformto scale your Google Ads operations, you start your subscription. Ask for your free trial here.

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