Who said keyword management was a tedious task?

OrbitalAds AI-powered Keyword Management Platform is specially designed to support Paid Media Experts, by taking on the burden of keywords selection and freeing up time to concentrate on strategic matters.

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Rely on automation to build optimal paid campaigns in no time

Having a well-curated list of keywords is one of the non-negotiable aspects and key ingredients of a successful paid campaign. And yet, with the considerable dedication it requires, this task has earned itself the reputation of tedious among digital marketers.

We’ve specially crafted our software to provide the paid campaigns experts with a powerful tool, capable of precisely identifying relevant keywords for any business. And most importantly, to do it in the blink of an eye.

Using this platform not only gives you the opportunity to discharge on artificial intelligence a workload that would otherwise consume countless hours, but it also allows you to create more optimal campaigns. That’s right! You no longer have to worry about constantly revising your list, adding keywords recently resonating with your audience or having competitors beat you at it… Leave it to technology. Leave it to us.

Get the most out of your ads and save valuable hours.

All at the same time.


Discover valuable new keywords

Automatically uncover new keywords searched by users without doing any of the analysis yourself.


Improve keyword location

Deal with other matters while our solution detects the most relevant ad groups for your existing keywords.


Optimize DSA campaigns

Avoid missing out on any available business by detecting the exact search terms triggering your DSA ads.


Neutralize keywords

Upgrade your ads relevancy by taking cross-negative keywords and duplicates into account.


Sit back and relax.

We’re taking care of your keywords.

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